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Entretain and challenge your guests to this delicious experience, a master chef's competition night.
We select a dish for each two people to prepare at a party. The menu is designed with the party host, deciding on ingredients and cooking styles chosen based on the available venue equipment.
We will bring along support equipment, such as extra hot plates, grills, sauce pans, chopping boards, etc. Although, we need to analyse the space previously to be sure we can accommodate everybody participating on the challenge.
So, the idea is to separate the group in two teams, both preparing mains, entrees and desserts; and in pairs, where each pair works in a dish. We will have enough working stations, and rotate the equipment, so everybody will have the chance to pull out a wonderful dish.
In this challenge, I provide challengers with methods and techniques to support them on advancing in cooking techniques, when required.
Note that it is important to know the average cooking level of the guests, so we can adapt the level of difficulty to their knowledge, so it is fun, and not a stressing situation.
In the end, we all vote on the dishes, and the team that gets higher points win the competition, as the best dish (which is not necessarily from the winning team).
This party generally goes for 5/6 hours, one hour for everyone to arrive and have some nibbling, then we decide the team division, and we reveal the dishes to be cooked. So, the team can decide what each pair is going to cook. So, 2 to 3 hours are set for the challenge to be set.
After the challenge, it is time to sit down and enjoy all the dishes and judge them. At the end, we count the votes and announce the winners, that will receive a little prize per team and individually too. (Prizes can be arranged accordingly with host’s choice).
It is a fun and challenging night that will provide a different, motivational and tasty event; and reveal little secrets about our guests.
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