Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring 

Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring 

Buying an engagement ring, or any jewellery for that matter can take a long time. Unlike your weekly grocery shop, where you know what you’re looking for, the jewellery purchasing process can take a bit longer.

If you need a hand to decide on the perfect piece for you, then read on. Here are some helpful tips that are likely to be useful.

Tip 1# Understand the Four Cs
The “4Cs” refers to a diamond’s colour, cut, clarity, and carat. They are a global standard that helps you assess the quality of the diamond. This standard is universal in any jewellery store you visit. Therefore, you will come to understand how it can impact the price of an engagement ring you are looking to buy.

Diamond colors are graded from D to Z. The less colour a diamond has, the rarer it is, and, often, the more expensive it is.

The cut of a diamond can dictate how much light emanates from it. The clarity can also play a significant part in your decision. The fewer blemishes it has, the clearer the diamond. It’s also a good idea to focus on the carat weight, for it’s reflective of its size.

Tip 2# Be Choosy with Metals
The diamond is not the only thing you need to think about when picking the perfect engagement ring. The metal of the band matters as well.

Think about how you spend your days. Are you in a manual labour job where you use your hands a lot? You may require a durable, scratch-resistant metal. Or, do you work in an office environment where the strength is less important?

The market is full of different metal types for engagement rings. While they are all beautiful, they suit some people better than others.

Tip 3# Decide on a Setting
How your diamond is set in your engagement ring can matter more than you might think. It not only protects your diamond from damage but highlights its beauty at the same time.

You may like to choose a prong setting, which has narrow metal supports around the diamond. There are generally between four and six prongs in this setting.

Some people prefer the bezel, a metal strip around the gem, to keep it in place. Others like the halo, which has smaller diamonds around the larger diamond.

Tip 4# Choose a Size
Engagement rings are often something you choose without the knowledge of the recipient. When that’s the case, it’s quite tricky knowing which size to choose. It’s hard, but not impossible. You can “borrow” another ring they might wear, and trace the inner circle on a piece of paper.

You may even press it into a bar of soap or something else soft to leave an exact imprint. If your significant other doesn’t wear rings, you can opt for an “average’ based on their build. A jeweller can help you estimate and may also be able to resize the ring, depending on its materials, if it doesn’t quite fit.

The perfect engagement ring is one you give with love – regardless of its looks. In saying that, it helps if you can understand how the purchasing process works. You can then have more confidence when picking a diamond, band, fit, and setting. Why not contact a jeweller who can lend a helping hand before the big day?