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After a childhood of eating disorders, Alessandra Alfredo decided to take control of her life learning how to cook. She dedicated herself for 4 years of professional cooking to understand food and learn different style cuisines.

Although, she realized that most of the food actually served in restaurants, is not exactly healthy, and not always fresh, not contributing for one's wellbeing.

So, she decided to go further on her understanding of food and body functions, and ended up getting contracted to work in a Pharmaceutical corporation, specialized in nutraceutical and herbal products.

At this position, she was able to have access to inside medical and pharmaceutical information, such as journals, researches, official studies and laboratories test results, supplying her with the nutritional knowledge on foods and medicines, and their effects and contra effects in the human body, and the fake "marketing of well being", promoted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Complemented by her own healthy style eating habits, Alessandra researched the nutritional values and applications of fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, nuts, herbs, meats and fats on the human body to improve its function.

And the final result, is this collection of dishes, designed to supply a well balanced diet to sustain and improve body functions and immunity - keeping your body self-sufficient in defending itself from bacterias, viruses and infections, without the aid of traditional medicine.

An international chef since 2002, she aligns gastronomic knowledge from various cuisines with nutritional research to create a delicious, exotic and absolutely healthy menu.


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